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Product Review: HWK Adventure / Touring Motorcycle Jacket

It is rare that you find an item that looks cheap but is actually very high quality. That's the bottom line for this review.
Had this adventure motorcycle jacket been selling for $500, I'd tell you there are better jackets for that budget, but for $69? That's insane.

The last thing I needed is another motorcycle jacket, but this item has been on my wishlist for so long and it's very rare to find it in stock on Amazon, so when I saw my size and color are available, I didn't think twice. For this price? If it doesn't fit I'll give it as a present to one of my riding buddies.

With a 69$ price tag, one must think it's a cheap knockoff from the big players like Revit, Klim, Dainese, and others, but this HWK adventure jacket has some amazing Amazon feedback 5,000+ reviews with a 4.6/5 average rating. After riding with it for a few weeks, I can tell you they didn't buy fake feedback, it's genuine.

HWK Adventure Jacket- Sizing

One thing you SHOULD note about HWK in general, it's that the sizes are big. VERY big. 2 years ago I purchased the 4-season road motorcycle jacket in my regular size (M) but it was so big I could fit there twice. This time I ordered the Small size thinking it might be snuggy if I want to have my body armor, but it fits amazing, see the video below.

HWK Adventure Jacket- Specifications

This is an all-weather jacket that has a thermal insert you can remove. It has CE-level body armor in the back, shoulders, and elbows that you can remove.

Tons of pockets (4 on the front, 1 in the back, 2 inside), some air-vent zippers, and reflectors all over. It also has velcro straps in the heaps and arms so you can adjust it to fit your body better. The textile is Cordura 600D which can protect not only from rain and wind but also from debris when riding off road. When riding in the rain it is waterproof up to a point and with many air vents it's just a matter of rain level until you feel drops inside.

HWK Adventure Jacket- Cons?

This will be your "winter" jacket if you live in a warm-weather country. Even with the thermal lining removed and all the air vents open on warm days, it's still too hot as there's no mesh to cool you off with the incoming wind. If you ride the highway, it might be bearable, but a big no-no for slow riding in the wild.

HWK Adventure Jacket - Colors and matching pants

The HWK adventure jacket is available in 3 color variations: high-viz

bright green, all-black, and the grey-black you see in the photos. If you want to buy a set, you can check out the HWK Adventure motorcycle pants that have the same color as the grey-black jacket and sells for only $59, the same great quality as the jacket.

Bottom line?

If you clicked this link and it's available on Amazon, order it. It's too good of a deal to miss and stock is very rare on Amazon.


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