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Motorcycle cordless pressure washer

Not all riders have garages. If you live in an apratment building like me, where there's no power outlet or water tap to connect to, you must be finding it difficult to wash your motorcycle after winter riding, and even more if it's an offraod (adventure or enduru) motorcycle.

After staying dirty for too long as I was too lazy to take it into washing (and spending money on it), it became so dirty I couldn't ride it to work wearing my everyday clothes without getting dust and dirt all over me.

That's when I realized I need to find a cleaning solution that fits my needs and decided to look for a cordless pressure washer. The feedback I got from riding friends and random internet people was that these cordless washers aren't suitable for offroad motorcycles, as they can't wash off dry mud with their low pressure. That didn't stop me from spending my money on a cordless washer...

Cleaning a motorcycle with a cordless pressure washer

The cordless pressure washer I got was a Jimmy JW31 that is very popular in Israel, but if you look at the specs, you can find this BERGWERK Cordless Power Cleaner on Amazon for the same price ($199) and with similar specs.

Here's a good video of me after another muddy trip and my first try to clean the bike with it.

It's super important to note that when using high pressure not to go too close to electricity, cables and delicate parts like the chain, as it might do some damage.

As you can see in the video and in the image below, before cleaning the bike had some decent dry mud mixed with small stones attached to the oil carter protector. I also had dry muddy water on the bottom half of the motorcycle as we rode inside some muddy water, splashing around.

Before: a mix of dry mud & stones

It took me 30 minutes to completely wash and clean the entire motorcycle. That was a surprise to me as well, considering all the feedback I got about its ability to give a decent clean. I started with washing with water and soap and let it soak in, then brushed the motorcycle with a soft brush and then jet washed with water to remove the soap and mud.

It took 2 buckets of water, as this washer has the ability to quick-connect to a water tap or use the hose to suck the water out of a plain bucket. Once done washing I dried it out with a clean cloth so I don't have dry water stains all over the bike.

With the same battery I also managed to clean my car the next day, letting my youngest operate the washer by himself. Since the car was pretty clean it only took us 1.5 water buckets.

The youngest (4 yo) cleaning the car

BERGWERK Cordless washer tech specs:

The "gun" weighs 2.86kg, which isn't a lightweight piece, that generates up to 520 PSI. The 2X 40V batteries supplies in the box can last a good 40 minutes of cleaning, even longer if you use light pressure using the "eco" mode.

6-in-1 Multi-Function Nozzle

Upgarded spray nozzle with a bigger spray area provides 6 modes to select: 0°, 20°, 20° tilt direction, 40°, foam jet and shower mode. It creates variable pressures for different cleaning jobs. You can adjust modes by turning around the surface of the nozzle to meet your needs.

2 ways for water intake

In the box you'll get the gun, obviously, together with all the accessories need to clean your motorcycle or car. This includes a 20 ft. hose, 2x filters, a battery charger, a rotatable nozzle, an extension lance, 2x 40v batteries, 6-in-1 multi-function nozzle and a 9.14 oz soap bottle. I used plain concentrated dish soap, you can also use dedicated car washing soap.

Multiple use cases for the BERGWERK Cordless Power Cleaner


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