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I ride means I exist.

I'm Giva, a medium or lower off-road rider, full fall, having a lot of fun and documenting the rides.

By training I am a still photographer, in the past I was a sports photographer for a leading sports website and there I also learned to shoot video. I decided to combine my two loves (which are not family) - photography and off-road riding, and if you've come here, it's probably interesting to you.

I got on two wheels as a bachelor in Tel Aviv in 2007 and until 2020 I rode scooters like the last of the apostles. When I started working at the Ride Vision startup I was exposed to the world of motorcycles and immediately bought the perfect entry-level motorcycle for me - a Honda CB500X. I traveled with it from north to south, mostly on roads. On one of the trips of the Israeli adventure community, I went off-road a little with him and then we discovered a whole world of fun that I had not known before. I finished the trip full of mud from head to toe (see photo) but with an unforgettable experience and with friends who ride with me to this day. After several trips Additionally, I decided that my future was in the field and not on the road and I replaced the Honda with a Yamaha Tenra 660, the one in the photo above (photo credit to Zvika Faust, from the training of Zvika Cohen the field). The Tenra Kshisha (the old model, last year 2017 in Israel) served me faithfully for about a year and a half And together we plowed the paths of Israel, we fell and got up and continued to ride.

In September 2022 I switched to a Tenra 700. I called him "Avroom" (because his exhaust makes Vroom nervous) and we've been together ever since

Full disclosure: the blog is funded from my own pocket, it is possible that certain links from which you purchase products through me will charge me a few shekels, but this does not affect the price you will pay or the reason I am writing about them, I do not receive money from any product or company for the review. You may see advertisements throughout the site, it will help me recover expenses if you click on them, but you don't have to. In addition, everything written here is the writer's opinion only, you don't have to agree with everything.

You are welcome to follow me on many channels:on YouTubeI record the rides in videos,on InstagramUploading successful photos I took andon tiktokI mainly bring up the falls, which is what everyone likes.

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